PLease Help Me With This Question ~ BRAINLEST AVAILABLEThank youThe options for each blank are in order following the question

Accepted Solution

I think it should be like this,
1) The function should be the last one, and it is in the form that shows zeros, the zeros show when the ball could hit the ground
2) Because she wants to know " after how many seconds  the ball hits the ground", I think, that the ball's height above the ground should be
3)  ball's height above the ground should be equal "0"
4)from the last equation we can see 2 zeros
t+3.2=0 and t-5=0, we get t1=-3.2 (that can not be accepted in our case, because time in this case cannot be negative), and t=5.
So at the end we should get this sentence(as I think)

The function h(t)=-5(t+3.2)(t-5) reveals that the ball's height above the ground will be 0 after 5 seconds.